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George Orwell

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Essay Preview: George Orwell

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"Actions speak louder than words". This is a commonly accepted phrase among a vast majority of the population, past and present. On the other hand, some say there is power in words. I find the preceding statement to be absolutely true. Words can be just as effective as or even more than actions. Through profound words, people can be persuaded to feel or think a certain way. They may feel obligated to react or engage themselves in a positive or negative demeanor, depending on who spoke or wrote said words and how they spoke or wrote them. Eric Arthur Blair, commonly known by his pen-name George Orwell, by using persuasive satire and enticing English prose, successfully relayed his anti-imperialistic views across to his audience by way of his writings.

Eric Arthur Blair was born in 1903 in Motihari, Bengal, to Ida Mabel Limouzin Blair and Richard Walmesly Blair. He was the middle child with a younger sister, Avril Nora born in 1908 and an older sister, Marjorie Frances born in 1898. (e.g. n.d., Britain unlimited.) The Blairs lived a rather privileged life, depending heavily on the British Empire for their livelihood. Richard, the patron, worked in the Indian Civil Service overseeing opium exports to Asia in an attempt to maintain a steady income for Eric and the rest of his family. (e.g. n.d., George Orwell Biography.) Being so dedicated to meeting the financial needs of his family rather than the emotional need, in 1904, when Eric, his mother, and his older sister Marjorie moved to England, Richard Blair stayed behind in Bengal to continue working for the Indian Civil Service. The next time he would reunite with his family would be in 1907 when he received a three month leave from the ICS. Eric didn't let the absence of his father deter him from excelling. He was very advanced for his age. In 1909 his mother sent young Blair to a small Anglican Parish School in Henly-on-Thames, England in order for him to receive a decent education. (e.g. n.d., George Orwell) He excelled to the approval of his peers and teachers. For this, in 1911 he was recommended to the headmaster of St. Cyprian's school in East Bourne, Sussex. A year later, to provide some stability at home, Richard Blair retired from the Indian Civil Service and returned to his family. After completing primary school, Eric enrolls in Wellington to further his education. He was disliked by higher authority, accused of being disrespectful and arrogant. Due to this he drops out after only one term. After receiving the prestigious King's scholarship Blair transfers to Eton, the famous boys' prep school in England. Expectations were extremely high for the bright Eric Blair- maybe too high. He was once again labeled as disrespectful and arrogant which led to a lackluster academic career, causing Blair to depart from Eton without graduating with a diploma. This seemingly setback was only the beginning of a major comeback.

Blair began working for the Indian Imperial Police 1922. He received his first assignment and was posted in Burma. While in Burma he received his inspiration for



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