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Essay on George Washington

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George Washington was considered the father of our country. That is one main reason why I picked him. Other reasons are because of his roles that he played in the American Revolution. He was a great leader and it seemed like he was a very brave man.

George Washington was born February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He went to pursue his two main interests. He either wanted to be in military arts or western expansion. When he was a boy his dad died so he looked at his half brother for guidance. When he turned twenty he joined the militia in Virginia.

Later on he married Martha Dandridge in Mount Vernon Virginia. After that he joined the fight against the British for independence. He was elected commander in the continental army. He led his troops as commander for six horrible years, with plenty of hard times. After those terrible years he finally led his men to victory over the British. The hardships were finally over. He tried to go back to Mount Vernon but was appointed to presidency and he accepted. With him in the presidential spotlight he made the United States stronger than ever. He was thought as one of the greatest presidents.

When he finally got the chance to retire he went back to Mount Vernon with his wife. He stayed at Mount Vernon for the next three years. Until his death in December 14, 1799. He died of a throat infection. He led everyone in his life and he was a true American symbol.

George Washington still is remembered for his leadership and courage. But above all he was remembered as a true American. Even today we celebrate what he did for us and what he did for our country. Above all the war and hate he stood strong as one of the best and most truthful Americans ever.



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