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Ginger Root

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Ginger root, which is scientifically known as Zingiber Officinale is a very common herb/spice used in modern times. (Pakrashi & Pakrashi 2003, p. 6) It is thought to have originated from Asia, either India or China specifically, but its actual country of origin is not known. The earliest recording is around 500BC in China but by the 11th century ginger was very well known in Europe. (Pakrashi & Pakrashi 2003, p. 6) Ginger was traditionally used as a stomachic however; its uses have multiplied over the years. The classic texts that are reviewed in this critic were either written at the times when ginger was being used as a popular remedy or when ginger was present at the origins of a modality. Ginger root is one of the earliest recorded herbs used in domestic remedies and is still popular today, as both a remedy to certain conditions but also as a spice to add flavor to food. (Ellingwood 1919, p.31)

The Family Botanic Guide is a classic text that encompasses two medical botanist's views on the plants that they found to be most beneficial in their practices, and how to use them. This text regards ginger as not only a diaphoretic but as a stimulant as well. (Fox & Nadin 1852, p.37) If ginger is taken in the form of tea before bed, two ounces in one pint of boiling water, it can relieve a slight cold and can be used as stomachic. Caution must be used when using ginger as if it is boiled it loses its strength. (Fox & Nadin 1852, p.36) All the information given in this text however, was written based on the three botanists' practice of the herb and had never undergone scientific investigation. An advantage of this text was that it was written by two different authors both highly respected in the field of botany and was then reviewed and republished with additional information by the main author's son - A. Russel Fox in June 1924. (Fox & Nadin 1852, p.2)The text also has an accurate illustration of ginger root. Having two medical botanists' as the authors gives the text a definite bias as to how much natural therapies can be used to treat a condition.



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