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The Main Psychological Roots of Infidelity

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Essay Preview: The Main Psychological Roots of Infidelity

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The Main Psychological Roots of Infidelity


Men have extramarital affairs because of their dissatisfaction with

the marital relationship, emotional emptiness, need for sexual

variety, inability to resist new sexual opportunity. The loss of the

high level of passion and desire that existed in the beginning of the

relationship may result in boredom or develop into a feeling of

indifference towardHusband Having an Affair

To illustrate, the following list is a compilation of signs that most probable will draw a husband's attention to the fact there may be problems.

- Spending less and less time at home.

- Be short of wish to engage themselves in marital or family activities.

- Emotionally detached or indifferent.

- Unexplained bills, gift items such as jewelry, flower and hotel room bills.

- He does not come home each night, may be claiming overtime at work or hanging out with the guys.

- He leaves early from job or takes extended lunch hour.

- Any subject that reflects actions that is notably out of character for him.

- Some husbands might feel neglected and not give any value to a wife's career, children, and a range of other activities that stop or reduce the amount of time a wife might spend unaccompanied with her husband. He might look for out an important person who can without knowing dedicate the amount of desired attention.

- The majority men who have affairs are still extremely the majority much in love with their wives, but the unmet require draws the couple further apart, specially when it has reached the point of initiating an affair to satisfy the difference.s the partner.



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