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Good Boy

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Good Boy

Who am I? is not important; what am I? again not important; why am I here? what am I here to do? am I to rule humanity, am I to make a difference in life for the living souls of Earth? I do not know. I don't know what I am supposed to do. What should I follow? Should I follow religion? What should I believe in? Am I real in as life can expect or is it just a whole illusion?

I have no answers to answer any of my own questions. Day after day I ask what am I doing? There is no answer in my life to reason why have I been put here on this world. Please, someone tell me, help me, or do something and let me know what am I here to do. I keep going over and over these questions and still feel so empty in life. I feel as though my heart is empty, as though someone deep inside me is grasping at my heart, along with my mind, squeezing tighter and tighter by the second, minute, hour and day. It truly feels as though I will never know w

As the dreams repeated, I started to remember the dreams. Each night it would start by me staring out into the dark night, watching one by one as the stars start to appear, bringing their light to earth, even though each star could possibly no longer exist, as light from their rays could take millions of years to reach us. I took a lot of interest in astrology. My eyes would slowly close, twitching and flickering as I tried to stay awake. I would become very frightened and afraid to fall asleep, just in case the answer that I was looking for was all a fraud.

I remember now, the dreams would start with my beloved visiting me; it would always be her: she had a soft voice, matching her looks. She would always be laying next to me with both of her hands on her side and her eyes would wander here and there until her face turned to my side and looked deep into my eyes, but it seemed as though she was interested in nothing,



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