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Good Luck

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Choose three theories and explain the strengths and weaknesses of each. Which theory do you think best explains the purposes for persuasion?

Mere Exposure Theory: By showing someone the same thing over and over they will like it.

Strength: Would not take much for the person to be persuaded.

Weakness: If the person is over exposed to anything the brain will start to respond to it negatively, which will make one not want it or be around it anymore.

Social Judgment Theory: One will have a message or statement and that person will accept or reject it based on their cognitive map.

Strength: helps to explain the role of perception in persuasion.

Weakness: a message could fall into the latitude of rejection but not be rejected.

Cognitive Dissonance Theory: We have a drive to hold all our attitudes and beliefs in harmony.

Strength: It only realizes on two key points the number and importance of the belief.

Weakness: It does not consider the nature of the persuasive message.

Persuasion is the act of influencing other attitudes and behaviors through communication. Persuasion is also communication beyond words that attempts to change the framework of another. According to Seiter and Gass persuasion is how the receiver of the message perceives the message that determines whether influence or persuasion takes place. Persuasion is not based off of lies; it is based of the truth. Like persuasion, manipulation is also intentional.

Persuasion is a process that takes place among at least two people who are aware of everything. Manipulation happens when another person is being influenced and is not aware of it at all and is being deceived. Anyone who is manipulative is not obvious because they act in a sneaky way. Manipulation takes place when a conscious person triggers an automatic response from an unconscious thinker. According to Saussure and Schultz "A message is manipulative if it twists the vision of the world in the mind of the addressee, so that he/she is prevented from having a healthy attitude towards decision, and pursues the manipulator's goal in the illusion of pursuing her/his own goal" (Schultz p.68 2006).

If a person is being seduced they are just like a person who is being manipulated. They are also uninformed of the intentions of the other person. According to Codoban who has done research on this topic seduction closer to persuasion than manipulation; "This is because seduction is more subtle than manipulation; in seduction, coercion is not the method by which the seduction is accomplished. Like persuasion, seduction makes an offer that has



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