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Google Adwords Pre-Campaign Strategy Report

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Essay Preview: Google Adwords Pre-Campaign Strategy Report

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Pre-Campaign Strategy

Client Overview:

Our client is 'Snoozles Hostel' situated in Forster Street, Co. Galway, Ireland. It is a 122 bed budget hostel run by 10 employees including the General Manager: Mr. Shane Healy (Our Contact). It facilitates a kitchen, games-room and computers for internet access. Snoozles Hostel was opened in mid 2008 which makes it two and a half years old now. The hostel's website is which was created by 'Arrow' web-designers based in Connemara, Co. Galway and self-managed by the Hostel itself. Furthermore, potential guests can make enquiries and research the hostel's creditability by following the embedded links on the page to The hostel maintains a significant online presence through their website and social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. However, it does very little with its Facebook page. People can make online reservations using their own website but there is no real offline advertisement like print adverts and national newspapers.

Snoozles' customers are mostly Irish. Typical guests include couples or backpackers from the countryside or other cities around the country. These guests intend to relax and experience the heritage of Galway City. During the summer, a percentage of Snoozles' guests are international tourists from Germany, Italy, France and Eastern Europe. The hostel also aims to attract potential students/tourists visiting Galway for the 'Galway Races' or 'College Week'.

Due to intense competetition, Snoozles must differentiate itself by undercutting competitor prices or offering special deals such as a free breakfast. Its main competitors are 'Barnacles Hostel', 'Sleepzone', 'Travelodge' and 'Jury's Inn Hostel'. This industry is largely seasonal, especially for a hostel located in a tourist city. Its peak-season is between summer and Hallowe'en whereas its off-season is between October-Easter. Even in this turbulent economic climate, the tourist industry remains highly competitive. According to Mr. Healy, last year's profit turnover is reported to be in the region of €500,000 to €1,000,000. Snoozles prides itself by being the top rated hostel in Galway City (87%) according to

The USP of the hostel is in its location. Its situated in the city centre, literally beside the Bus/train. It is in close proximity to Eyre Square and the Spanish Arches with options available to visit the Aran Islands and Salthill, its beaches and golf courses. Snoozles Hostel is a newly purpose-built building which can accommodate many types of customers, with rooms such as dorms, doubles, families or female-only, all of which are en-suite and free wi- fi. When entering the keywords "Hostels in Galway" into the Google search engine, our client's website appears as the 2nd non-sponsored result on the organic page, only losing out to However, using less-specific key words such as "Galway City Accommodation" results in Snoozles appearing 4th. Hotels clearly dominate the search results which is something Snoozles will have to take a look at.

Snoozles currently holds six awards gained over its short life of two and a half years, five of which have been awarded by and one for entrepreneurship from the Galway Chamber of Commerce. There is little significant effort made in email advertising. The hostel relies heavily on word-of-mouth, advertisments in tourist offices and networking through the Chamber of Commerce and Fáilte Ireland. Due to the fact the hostel maintains records of all guests' email addresses, a newsletter function could be implemented to enhance customer loyalty.

Prices are as follow:

* €20-€25 per person average

* €12.50 is cheapest

* €40-45 high end, bigger rooms

* The planned AdWords campaign will align with the hostel's website and promote upcoming special offers and packages while also tying with the company's goal to gain a reputation in Galway as the best budget travel in the city.


Proposed AdWords Strategy:

Our strategy will include three Ad Groups. The first one will be under the heading 'Festive Holidays' promoting the hostel during these holidays. The second Ad Group will be called 'Budget Accomodation'. With this, we want to promote the hostel and all of its facilities. We will include prices and its accolades/awards. Finally, the third group will appeal to



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