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Google Case

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1. Google gains respect and loyalty to their employees by offering all the generous benefits. The benefits can also gain popularity because all these benefits grab people's attention and make Google well known for being generous to their employees. I think there is a downside by offering to many benefits. I think employees may take advantage of the benefits by abusing them becoming too greedy. If Google sees to many people are doing this they can possibly take them away or give the benefits fees or possibly employee fines.

2. If Google offers generous pay to their employees, they do not need free gourmet lunches and dinners. I do not feel any company should have a pet center because it's a pet not a child, therefore I agree that a child care center is appropiate. A game room may distract and addict employees and may cause them to lose focus on their work. I think a doctor is appropiate, but not a massage therapist because if the pay is so generous then people can afford that if they wish along with hair styling. Reimbursement toward a hybrid or electric car can be appropiate because Google is showing a way to stay green in the environment. A free gym membership is nice because it encourages employees to stay in shape and healthy. Overall I think any of the benefits that benefit the environment, economy, or employee are appropiate. On the other hand the benefits that are people's wants are not necessary to me.

3. I can go both sides with this question. I think the long term effect may be the loss of employees for not having day care for their children. On the other hand, if employees stay employed then Google will be making large profits from parents and have a higher budget to increase employee benefits.

1. Form utility involves the idea that the product is made available to the consumer in some form that is more useful than any commodities that are used to create it. I think Apple is adding value of form because they allow customers to test out their products in store rather than locking them away. Place utility is the idea that a product made available to the customer at a preferred location is worth more than one at the place of manufacture. Apple adds value with place by having convenient locations nationwide for customers to visit or the internet is also convenient. Time utility involves the idea of having the product made available when needed by the customer. Apple provides the time utility by having products on display in their store and always being stocked with what the consumer needs. The Possession utility involves the idea that the consumer can go to one store and obtain a large assortment of goods from different manufacturers during one shopping occasion. The possession utility adds value to Apple by making it more convenient for customers to make a purchase.

2. I think Apple's main strength is product development because their products set high standards



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