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Gordon Bennett's Case

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In Gordon Bennett's artwork The Outsider he uses the ideas and imagery that is shared in The Starry Night and Bedroom in Arles by Vincent van Gogh; this is to discuss his insanity through his relationship with the idea of him being aboriginal although growing in a white European society in Australia. Although this idea bending to create great importance we lose the underlining meaning to Vincent Van Gogh's own life, which creates loss into the life the artist. Gordon Bennett uses these artworks to create a graphical display of unease in his own life, he also uses these artworks to relate himself to the artist Vincent van Gogh through his thoughts and uneasy nature such as how Van Gogh was known for very drastic actions. Bennett's work loses the meaning of beauty of everyday life that is represented in Van Gogh's artworks, such as in Bedroom in Arles the beauty of the objects in the room with then having very light colouring and details of the green that comes from the wooden floor boards gives feelings of ease and happiness. These meanings have changed in The Outsider as how it shows the room in a mess the colours have been ripped from the original painting and darker colours have been added, this included with the change to the environment of the hand prints of blood create a great feeling of un ease to the viewer. The other Van Gogh painting used in The Outsider, The Starry Night has also been dramatically changed in The Outsider from the feeling of beauty in the original to a strong dramatic sceptical in The Outsider. Gordon Bennet's change of meaning to artworks by Vincent van Gogh has strongly changed the uniqueness of the works and also lets the viewer question the preciousness of ideas

Another artwork that does this is L.H.O.O.Q which is a readymade work by Marcel Duchamp. Marcel Duchamp recycles the work of Leonardo da Vinci in his artwork of the Mona Lisa. Duchamp changes the ideas of the artwork which intern has the viewer take on strange and new meaning to the character in the painting. Van Gogh's artwork loses its unique qualities but the change in ideas also has questioning in the preciousness of this work form how it has Duchamp so easily changing it to create a variety of meanings. The reason for Marcel Duchamp adding the facial hair on the iconic painting was to show the relation to of the genders the also the use the title that translates in French to "she has a nice arse" which he explains to explain the sexual life to art. But this defacement of the original artwork has contributed to the loss of the feeling toward the original artwork. Duchamp experiments with the idea of this work being precious when he defaces the work underlining the meaning of his own work being above the original. The colours that are used in L.H.O.O.Q are very dulling when compared to the Mona Lisa having a meaning connected to the link of the facial hair to the male. Duchamp uses this recycle to represent



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