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Gothic Literature

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Essay Preview: Gothic Literature

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Gothic Literature is a genre or mode of literature that combines elements of both horror and romance. This literature using strange, gloomy, and horrible symbols, signs, or sounds to create a climax with pure emotional excitement with horror and romance in the plot. "The Raven" is a poem that was written by Edgar Allen Poe who is among the most important authors of Gothic Literature. "The Raven "it is a poem that was written by Edgar Allen Poe who is among the most important authors of Gothic Literature. "The Raven conveys how seeing strange symbols and hearing harass sounds can emotionally irritate humans beings. Due to the horrific symbols, imagery and irritating sounds in "The Raven" can convey how small objects can make an emotional effect in a person's mind.

In the Raven the use of irritating sounds conveys how a person can suffer with a variety of stress and emotions when he or she is hears certain types of noises over and over again. As the man in the poem is just sitting in his chair and suddenly hears a sound at the door. As he questions who is there at the door the tapping sound continues. "This some visitor," I muttered, " tapping at the chamber door". Only this and nothing more."(#5). As the man hears a tapping sound at his door he tries to think that is a visitor and not a burglar or a killer at the door. This quote can demonstrate how a sound can emotionally effect a human being way of thinking just by hearing a certain sound over and over again. As later in the poem came a raven in the man's house and stands at top of the chamber door and as the protagonist questions why the raven was wandering at night and questions the raven what is the ravens name and surprisingly answers. ." Quote the Raven, Nevermore." (#48). When the line gets repeated over and over again this one letter word totally takes apart the narrator, and turns him from a sad, nervous guy, into a shuddering wreck. This can help the author describe the theme by persuading to his readers that even a one letter word can also easily irritate a person emotionally and mentally as shown what happen to the character after hearing the same word over and over again.As a human hears a vexatious sounds and noises the human mind easily gets emotionally and mentally irritated with the noise making object or the person themselves.



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