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Great Gatsby

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The "Great Gatsby" movie actually seemed in its point of view that It was made in the 1920's because of the parties at Gatsby's house, the dancing and the Jazz. But compared to the novel it had quite a few blemishes which made lose its clarity from "The Great Gatsby" novel's main point. The movie which didn't have the same impact as the book did not achieve to bring as much attention to the mind as the novel. The movie had many scenes and acts some that were very different from the book and/or were not part of the "Great Gatsby" novel which just shows that the movie was portrayed very different in important details compared to Fitzgerald's main idea.

In the beginning of the movie for example, dogs appeared in a lot of the movie scenes. Dogs were at the apartment, city, Buchanans house, and even Gatsby's party. The book had only one dog, Myrtle's, which played an important role later in the book. Also in the book, Nick met Gatsby at the party and had no idea who he was. The movie had Nick summoned to Gatsby and they met in a more formal fashion. This meeting did not last as long and Nick never mentioned that he was in the war. Nick knew who Gatsby was right from the start, which kept the dialogue short and less was. Also Tom in the book seemed hefty but in the movie he was not at all, and was more like a lean person. This took away from the movie.



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