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Greek Logic in Apple Laptops

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Essay Preview: Greek Logic in Apple Laptops

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Greek Logic in Apple Laptops

All advertisements, both prints and commercials, uses ethos, logos, and pathos to capture the audiences' attention. One advertisement that displays all three of these Greek logics is the commercial for the Apple "Green" Mac Book laptop. This new Apple laptop, from TBWA\Media Arts Lab, flaunts this laptop as the "the greenest family of notebooks. The commercial is visually appealing in it simple layout. It had an enlarged aluminum encased Mac Book laptop positioned in the center of a white background screen. A dewy grass graphic is chosen as the wallpaper on the screen of the laptop. In addition to the dewy green grass, there are green hand-drawn pictures of the earth, a light bulb, and chemical glass-wares to highlight the "going green" concept of being environment friendly. A male voiceover was narrating the good points of this laptop. He informs the viewers that the glass screen and aluminum body are made from recyclable materials, that it "runs on a quarter of the power of a single lightbulb," and is made without "many" of the toxins other computers are manufactured with, mainly mercury. This Apple commercial is effective with its environmentally friendly concept because it benefits both the consumer and the environment at the same time.



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