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Group Members and Leaders Paper

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Group Members and Leaders Paper

The success of any group, whether it's a work group or a learning group, requires teamwork and equal contribution from every member. This is an essential component to having a productive as well as functional team. Every individual within a group must respect the opinions and brainstorming techniques of each contributing member and function together without selfishness to bring about motivational strength within the team. Each member must learn the importance of effective communication and collaboration within a team and value the efforts of all participating parties.

In order for a group to be successful, there must be a team leader who possesses effective leadership skills and qualities. Model leadership behavior, motivate members, manage group process, and making decisions are leadership functions to help a leader of a team or group be successful. Within this essay I will explain the importance of having an effective leader in a group and how the 4-M Model of Leadership Effectiveness plays a vital role in motivating individuals within a team.

Within any group or team each individual plays an important role and is responsible for certain tasks to be completed in a timely manner. These roles may include a team member researching information for an assignment, proofreading learning team papers, teaching other members how to do PowerPoint presentations, or being that support system for that team member or members who may have a difficult time speaking in front of other individuals. Every person within a team should know what his or her duties are and they should be held accountable for their lack of contribution or participation.

Sometimes disagreement may arise within a group or team, some members create tension and there are those individuals who try to defuse negative conflict by seeking conciliation or compromise. Different situations require different roles to fulfill, these roles will be determined or developed over time as new task change and new facets of a situation are revealed. Some members of a learning team or group are not aware of their position, but it's vital to form an understanding of how the group will function and the importance of everyone contributing equally.

Within every group there are critics, arbitrators, and leaders. The individual who seems to model leadership behavior have the skills to motivate group members to accomplish required goals in a timely manner, stay positive in the process, manage group processes, and make decisions that will benefit the team as a whole. This person will be designated the leader, whether verbally or nonverbally, by the other members of the group. A leader is responsible for inspiring the group and encourages success in any given task.

Although a leaders position is to motivate his or her members, at the same time this individual must be firm in the commitment of accomplishing the groups responsibilities, as well as stern but not disrespectful in keeping task deadlines. Every member should understand that the team comes first. Having open communication is essential in a team or group setting as well as team meetings, whether by face-to-face contact or via email. Teamwork is vital in every aspect of our daily lives, whether it involves governing our beautiful county or working in fortune 500 companies. Every member associated with a group or team must work together to accomplish the intended goal.

Being a leader of a team or group requires an individual to have certain leadership qualities that will benefit



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