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Groups and Teams Paper

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Groups and Teams Paper

The individuals of a business are considered to be the face of the company. Employees working together in teams can be considered to be more productive than a single member. A team can have less stress to worry about than one person attempting to do all. Bringing individuals together to form a high-performance team can help in insuring a company maintains their clientele.

Groups are able to be high performance teams through collaboration. Groups that collaborate have better communication and able to complete projects more efficiently. A high performance team is not based on a hierarchy of individuals. According to a website known as, high performance teams are expensive to maintain, difficult to build, adaptive, and glorious to see. A version of a high performance team is able to be seen through University of Phoenix. Students of University of Phoenix are required to form Learning Teams; every learning team is required to have a team charter. Charters are made to lay done the guidelines of the group similar to that of a code of conduct. The first step of building a high performance team is the acceptance and development of the charter. The creation of the charter is a team activity that requires the input and agreement of all team members. Elements that are key in the development of a high performance team is having the resources to create the team; money, individuals, time, space and materials. These items are necessary in developing a team within a company.

A business that is global has to understand that all its employees are part of the team. A code of conduct that is in effect in one area must also be in effect in another. Consider the cultural differences of other nations. Individuals have different beliefs and cultures. A company that understands this and implements them into the code of conduct or charter is on its way to building a high performance team. A company has to respect the different cultures of its employees and understand that all need to work together. A company that is global and does not allow for the individual to have a say in where the company heads will have a drone for an employee. That individual will just go to work without truly caring as to the results of how he or she affects the productivity of the company. Consider Wal-Mart, a worldwide business that is becoming known as a leading retailer in everything. An employee of Wal-Mart knows the position they have has an effect on the business. A cashier tallies the merchandise of the customer, the door greeter welcomes and bids farewell, and associates placed throughout the store are there to help the shopper look for whatever he or she is looking for. All the employees can be considered to be a part of a high performance team. The team has a common goal and that is in providing service to the customer while seeing



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