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Hammermill Paper Company

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Hammermill Paper Company

Hammermill Paper Company--Case Study Two

1. How should corporate headquarters communicate the new planning procedure to the organization? Who should constitute the primary audience for communications about the planned change? Are there important secondary audiences? What role should written communications play in introducing the change? What role should oral communications play?

We believe that Corporate Headquarters should communicate the new planning procedure via a companywide meeting and also with manual transcript of the changes to each manager. The Primary audience is the managers who will have to implement the new changes. The secondary audience would be the workers, who will also have to understand their overall role in the corporate goals towards future planning. The role that written communications should play in introducing the change is it will serve as a reference material guide to keep all parties on task and stay abreast of the corporate goals. The role that oral communications play is a key component as the audience receiving and listening to the new changes it will strengthen the written communications.

2. Who should be the primary source for communications about planning with each audience? What role should the CEO play? What role should the "responsible officer" play? In general, who should be the primary spokesperson(s) for the change?

The primary source for communications about planning with each audience should be the managers that will carry the corporate message throughout the company in each department. The CEO should make sure the corporate message and values are upheld to the highest standards. The "responsible officer" should be the catalyst in making sure that all departments under his/her control have received and understands their role in the corporate planning process. The primary spokesperson should be the President and CEO of Hammermill for change.



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