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Mills Paper Company: Performance Management or Age Discrimination

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Essay Preview: Mills Paper Company: Performance Management or Age Discrimination

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Case #60: Mills Paper Company: Performance Management or Age Discrimination?

References I found to expand/support/refute this case study are listed here (2 – 3 are required): (Please bring a hard copy of the entire article with you to class for discussion purposes. For our purposes here, you only need to provide the entire citation and a paragraph description why you chose it.)




Questions: Complete your answers below and upload to canvas BEFORE the class period it is assigned. You may complete it online now, or save the doc and answer it offline, then re-upload.

Evaluate Mills Paper company’s management of John Carpenter’s performance. What are the strengths and weaknesses of their approach to performance appraisals (i.e., management by objectives)?

I have noticed that the employees know exactly what they are expected and he was realistic. everything was clear such as the due dates and the future goals. He also allows employees to review, which can help with improvement.

Since they were knowing about the differently Carpenter is facing the thing that makes achieving his goals not guaranteed, the management needs to work with him to assist him.

Do you agree or disagree with Lance Amato’s observation that carpenter should have been terminated earlier?

I do agree. Because he has received bad grades from more than one boss. I think he does not deserve more chances. he does not achieve the requirements for the position and was not able to improve.

Review Exhibit 3.7, which lists employment laws relevant to performance appraisals. Do you think that Carpenter prevail in his charges against Mills? Why or why not? What are the elements of a legally defensible performance appraisal system?

I think the Carpenter will not prevail. focus on the job duty and diced if they have excellent or not they need to avoid age, sex, religion discrimination.



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