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Happiness Case

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Happiness seems to be an endless topic. People often pay attention to stories or articles about happiness because happiness is something so mysterous and hard to define. Anyone who live in this world want to be happy, so what it takes to be happy? Is a similar question which is created in people's mind. I think that the key factors lead to happiness is : smile and acceptance.

In order to be happy, we should smile and realize how benefit the smile bring to us. Happiness appears when the smile come from your heart and obviously that your smile is created naturally. Laughter brighten up your soul, make you believe in yourself and make people come near to each other. If you are in bad mood and giving yourself a smile, your sadness will decrease. When you get stressful, the smile make the level of stress decrease, too.

Happiness come from the way you learn to accept what you have right now. If you sastify with your appearance and never anxious about "how to gain weigh? how to have light skin? how to have a perfect body?" you will obviously never tired about finding any method to make yourself more beautiful. If you sastify with your ability, you will believe and love yourself, which is the important thing lead to the happiness you need. Moreover, accept what you have is also a way of seeing good in everything and everybody because you will not regret when you fail in something, you will not get sorrow when you can not have something does not belong to you.

Some people seek for happiness during the rest of their life but they can never reach the happiness they want because they think that happiness is something so mysterious and far from them. However, they do not know that happiness will easily appear when they know how to accept and smile.



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