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Hard Rock Café Case

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From its humble beginnings in London, England in 1971, Hard Rock Café has grown to a worldwide franchise, with over 175 locations in 55 countries. Its ever growing popularity is one which has fought through adversity and crossed cultural lines in becoming a unique establishment. But, what has it done to achieve such greatness. Let us look at the 10 critical decisions of operations.

With the history of Hard Rock Café, let us look at the 10 critical decisions of operation for Hard Rock Cafés. First area we will look at is (1) Service and product design, Hard Rock Café is continued to provide an increased products and service to its customer base operations. In the Hard Rock Café's visited they are uniquely designed for the area they are in. As with many franchises they have adapted to not only the location but the people themselves. It is not just a restaurant, in entering a Hard Rock you an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment adding to conversation with friends and family. With gift store and of course the endless collection of rock and roll memorabilia there is always something to talk about. In visiting the Hard Rock Café in Venice, "the smallest Hard Rock Cafe in Europe with only 360 sq. meters, is located in a beautiful and historic old building" was the most delightful experience and showed you don't have to have the largest facilities to provide goods and services. It continues to expand it possibilities with hotels, casinos and music venues.

As we look at (2) Quality Managing, with over 100,000 meals a day speaks volumes when it comes to quality of food being served at Hard Rock Cafés. In determining how to meet the needs of the many different customers with such a variety of cultures is a remarkable feat in itself. Hard Rock Café goes to great lengths to ensure quality of food is up to customer's satisfaction. "Surveys are done on a regular basis to evaluate quality of food and service at the cafe. Scores are done on a 1 to 7 scale, and if the score is not a 7, the food or service is a failure." Very stringent quality control measures ensure the continued success and the popularity of Hard Rock. Food is just part of what the surveys cover. The atmosphere, music and customer service also play a vital part. I recall completing a survey which covered the area discussed. Hard Rock takes them serious, received a call to expand on one of my comments. Made me realize this was a place that took its customers comment serious.

Look at decision (3) Process and capacity design, several factors come to play when finding out if process work. Surveys, sales, tourism, and critique forms are initial ways to discover what process are working. Looking on how efficient the different area are working and what to do to improve them. But, it also can't work if you don't have employees who are willing to support operational goals and objective.

When getting to decision (4) Location, Hard Rock looks at possible location for its ever growing international expansion. As with anyone looking at opening a new franchise, careful thought must be taken in opening a business. In the case of Hard Rock, it looks at many different areas which will ensure future success. Location is everything, Hard Rock focus is located on tourism, population, and access to resources is easily accessible. Investment in Hard Rock comes at a price for such a name brand. For example investors must be willing to agree on long term lease of 10 years to start, due to the amount in initial investment. This is a small investment to become a part of a worldwide franchise as Hard Rock. As a worldwide organization it looks at cost not only to itself but local populace. One would not want to set up in a location where price was out of the majority of people's income. One reason you will hardly find a Hard Rock in smaller towns. Not to say it will never happen, investors may find it profitable one day. Decision (5) lay out, one of the most unique things separating Hard Rock from other restaurant establishment is lay out. They make it an effort to bring in the culture or community feel to each and every place they open. From the design of the building to the materials used to build it. Take for example your traditional family restaurant no matter where it is, they all have the same basic layout from the design of the building to the interior. Every Hard Rock I have visited has something different about it and they lay out was always different. The cafe in Venice Italy for example is "decorated in precious Venetian style and has a beautiful glass center feature hand made in the famous Murano glass factory." Maintaining the historic view and keeping with Italian building designs. In these different lay outs tourist are eager to visit different Hard Rock just to get that different experience and keeps people from getting board of the same look over and over such as in traditional restaurants. Another lay out design that Hard Rock has going for it is memorabilia with such a large and growing collection they bring a different rock & roll feel to everyone you visit.

In decision (6) Job Design, selecting the right people for the right job is one of Hard Rock's most vital. It's operating values such as "practice honesty, integrity, & professionalism. Encourage everyone to maximize there potential. Take personal accountability for getting results. Create brand excitement through innovation. Deliver kick-ass service." These values and interviewing potential employees must be looked at closely. It is not like hiring at a fast food establishment where it is like an assembly line. Yes, fast food places tend to try and take care of employees but when you work for a franchise like Hard Rock you are part



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