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Having Fun

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May 1963, looked to be like any other month in any other year. Filled with some important and some not so important events. The Chicago Cubs won that special game against Cincinnati Reds, 3-2 . The second issue of "The Amazing Spider-Man" was released and the first flight of F-4C , a plane used heavily in the Vietnam War, was launched. But none of these events could ever compare to what happened on May 27th. Bob Dylan's "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" was realeased. Giving the world unforgettable, but still powerful melodies such as "Blowin' in the Wind"(which actually reached a higher status at the time when recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary in 1963) , "Don't Think Twice It's Alright" and "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall". Still, none of these songs had the same impact on the world, and his career, as "Masters of War". "Like Judas of old. You lie and deceive. A world war can be won. You want me to believe. But I see through your eyes. And I see through your brain. Like I see through the water. That runs down my drain." This example of text from the song clearly states his frustration and disbelief in the system. He paints a picture of religious and political leaders as cowards, a In a move that has little or nothing to do with their actual mission and everything to do with indoctrination, the EPA has teamed with Smith magazine to promote earth day, with "6 word essays." The idea is some kind of Haiku contest to celebrate Mother Earth. Saw this first on Neil Cavuto's show, but I also noticed that Michelle Malkin was all over this. Apparently, this was intended to elicit self inflicted indoctrination, but of course, conservatives have taken over. If you want to see the snarky comments on Smith magazine, you have to click "Most Recent Memoirs (all)" to get past the politically correct entries on the front page.

My own entry was "Thank Gaia for Oil and Gas." The six word format lends itself to twitter, I was the second person to use the hashtag #6wordessay. I encourage you to go to Smith and create your own entry and let me know what you've done in the comments My father loved a carnival. He loved any event that included clowns,

noise, streamers, and cheap prizes. He loved church festivals, Fourth of

July celebrations, and the surrounding rural small town annual parades.

Kolacky Days in Montgomery, Corn on the Cob Days in Belle Plaine,

Dairy Days in Prior Lake, and New Prague's Crazy Days were all on my

father's agenda as he spent endless summer hours in the seat of a tractor,

out fencing, or loading hay bales on and off wagons. In fact, it was not




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