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Healthcare Professionals Need to Adhere to Ethical Principles

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Essay Preview: Healthcare Professionals Need to Adhere to Ethical Principles

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The underlying principles of biomedical ethics are of core importance in health care delivery by health practitioners and physicians and these ethics govern how care givers treat their patients. All healthcare professionals have to abide to these principles which include beneficence, nonmaleficence, fidelity, autonomy, and fidelity of patients and breach of any of these have severe consequences to health professionals. Beneficence is an ethical principle which guides health professionals to recommends for what is beneficial or else what is good for the patient. Nonmaleficence ethics gives an obligation to healthcare practitioners not to intentionally inflict any harm to patients. The above principles form the basis for standard health care delivery by any health professional ready to practice that profession.

Psychologists are medical practitioners who offer clinical support or else counseling and psychotherapy to patients who have mental or human behavioral issues. This makes them handle even secretive information about patients and medical ethics guides them to keep that information as confidential as possible therefore no another person should know or access the patients records without the consent of the patient. The patient holds the autonomy of any decision surrounding his or her health information giving it to the public therefore he or she should not be forced to share it.

The psychologist should always work bearing in mind to do what is good to the patient. The main objective of the psychologist is to work hard aiming at obtaining positive results while treating mentally ill patients therefore any aim other than this is definitely not beneficial to the patient. For instance, a psychotherapist training an amateur should always be present if possible and follow the proceedings so as to ensure that the trainee doesn't infringe any professional ethics.

Social factors like coining relationship with patients are not allowed in health professionalism and if this act happens it definitely ruins ones competence in giving out psychological services to patients since decisions and judgments will be disillusioned by the prevailing social situation between both of them. A family friend of mine divorced last year due to mistrust in their marriage and this situation hit her hard such that she was all in mental stress, and this caused her to be terminated from her job. My father advised her to see a psychologist and luckily she deemed seeing the town's psychologist. The therapist instead of offering therapeutic treatment to the patient he took advantage of her condition and this ended in the lady getting pregnant. Mental stresses increased to the point that the lady



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