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Team of Sales Professionals

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When I read something by an author, I often think what this person is like. What are they into, and why do they feel this way. Outside of the weak opinions that really do not pick a side, I feel obligated to find out more about an author. The more research you do you can find out everything from their Facebook Status, to what affiliations they belong to. Technology has brought everything to the forefront in our world. So I feel that your actions speak much larger than words, and I encourage all leaders to "Lead from the Front", let your actions build your legacy. In this Capstone assignment I am going to cover a lot of topics from Algebra, to Writing skills but the main focus of this assignment is to talk about Leadership in our world and discuss the right and wrong way to do it. I lead a team of sales professionals, and I was successful in communicating what everyone's responsibility was, and assisted with getting it done. There is no text book to leadership or management, one cannot read "The Leadership Sprint" and suddenly they are a great manager. One has to hone their craft and understand the personalities of everyone in their particular department or business unit, and how to manage to everyone. What?! You manage people differently? Yes, you manage men, differently than women, not in a sense where there is special treatment, but in manner which is acceptable to that person. What?! You manage your underperformers differently than you manage your superstars? Absolutely autonomy is awarded to those who perform. Is this fair? Yes because when you set the expectations to your staff about how you are going to manage, be upfront and let them know it is a performance based culture.



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