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Healthy Grief

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Healthy Grief

Man or woman is destiny to die once, and this process is a grief time to oneself, relatives, friends and those who take care during this process. Grief is an essential part of life it may be sad, but it is inevitable to every living person. The truth is that our feelings during grief may not be the same, it all depend on the circumstance, relationship, life experiences, and care received. "Grief is a physiological process that our brain goes through after a significant change" (Abarbanel, 2009). Grief is not related to death alone, many times we overcome grief in life, maybe through sickness or individual trouble. In this paper, I will concentrate on the work of Kubler-Ross grieving process and the stages of grief in relation to others opinion.

Grief processing is counted to be in many ways, "it follows a natural cycle of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance" (Kubler-Ross, 1969). Denial is the first thing that comes to people when they are in grief. This is because people always say, is it not true or am I dreaming? This is a shocking period, and it can last for months, it all depends. Doctors and nurses are confronted with this grief that is in the patient and their family. "This is the reason why caregivers need grief team, which will work for the well-being of the nurse, the staff, and the hospital. It can minimize the effects of compassion fatigue, moral distress, and the stress cascade" Silverberg, (2007)

Anger follows denial in state of grief; people are set to blame someone when they go through grief. It is quite natural that people want to know the reason why they grief. As stated, "People blame themselves, the sick person, God, the driver, the passenger, the one who should have been the driver, the president, the boss, the doctor, or anyone else" GCU Lecture, (2012)

Grief can lead to a good life as people tend to bargain for change. Normally people will blame someone or oneself when they are grieving, at the same time they look for change that can stop the grief or give promise to supernatural God so that he can intervene.

Bargaining is out of their control for a person in grief because this easily gives way to depression, despondence, and hopelessness" GCU Lecture, (2012). This is a very bad part of grief because it can cause psychological effect in the person involved. People may think there is no other way they can come out of the situation, which lead to depression.

The result of anything in life is to give up or submit to faith. Kubler-Ross indicates that when there is life there is hope or that there is an appointed time for every man or woman to die. The above theory indicates that caregiver has a vital role to play when people are grieving. They need to study how to help people in grief so that it can minimize their suffering



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