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Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle

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Essay Preview: Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle

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Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle 1

How Can Health Affect Your Family Lifestyle?

A Persuasive paper

TJ Jerome Dela Cruz

Writing 101

UMUC Student

July 27, 2010

Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle 2

One of the most important parts of our day-to-day life is staying healthy and fit. With time people's opinion of health and fitness has greatly changed such that people have become more aware of the necessities of enduring health and have also come to appreciate the positive aspects of remaining fit. This is one of the issues that affects my family, especially my wife and I.

I never knew how unhealthy our lifestyle was after I saw our wedding picture and made us realized that in order for us to enjoy our lives together that we have to change our lifestyle. We are not those typical Filipino couple that when we get home we will have a home cooked meal on our table. It is always "where are we going to eat tonight?" We never go to the gym or do any exercises at home nor watch what we eat or do any outdoor fun activities. We used to say that were going to die anyway eventually, so why not enjoy what we love to eat while we can, but that was not a good motto in life.

We do not know anything about a balance lifestyle, nor that have we to have at least 3 out of 5 food essentials on every meal. Even though we both do not drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. Still it does not hide the fact that we were over stuffing our mouth with foods that are fattening and unhealthy. The funny part is that we have a gym membership in one of the local gym back in California and we only end up working out for a few weeks and never came back again. We just end up paying the monthly membership and never went back anymore until we both decided to cancel it.

Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle 3

This is why I strongly take this issue seriously. Because it changes not just my life, but my wife's life as well or better, yet to say, it will change everyone's life, if they chose to be healthy and fit. Realizing that maintaining our health does not just involves regular exercise and healthy eating. It is also important that if we aim at keeping our body in perfect shape so as to less our chances from suffering to whatever illnesses. Because a healthy mind and body will also help us manage and enjoy our daily routine and lifestyles.

By maintaining our regular fitness. It gives us the healthy feeling because of increased energy and vitality, which makes us feel good about ourselves as well as our life. Moreover, keeping fit makes us manage our day to day activities easily as well as keeping our body in perfect shape. Because of this, it boosted our personal esteem that ends in feeling good.

In maintaining



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