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Helen's Role in the Trojan War

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Essay Preview: Helen's Role in the Trojan War

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Helen's Role in the Trojan War

One of the most controversial characters of Greek mythology was that of Helen, which is discussed through literacy. She plays an important role in destruction of the most famous battles in early ancient history, the Trojan War. Most beautiful woman of Greece, Helen's stunning appearance was the major cause for thousands of soldiers' lives. Her attractiveness resembles that of a goddess, who's power brings corruption.

Helen was daughter of Zeus, the most powerful god of Greek and Leda queen of Sparta. When Helen was only twelve years old, she was abducted by an Athenian in the name of Theseus, who wanted to make her his wife as she would grow to be the most beautiful woman of Greece. Helen shivered with fear," I was being abducted by pirates and my cousin was still worrying about my complexion" (Clemence McLaren 7). The disappearance of this beauty was not for long since Theseus left with Pirithous to capture Persephone and his mother Aethra was to care for her. Meanwhile Theseus was gone, Helen's brother and half brother, Polydeuces and Castor managed to rescue her, making Aethra and the sister of Pirithous, slaves of Helen. Once Helen was returned to Sparta, she was attracted by an array of suitors, one of them being Odysseus who made all suitors swear to protect and honor of Helen's future husband. Menelaus was soon chosen to be Helens husband, for she was to help rule his kingdom. The suitors were to protect her from anyone who tried to steal her away from her king.



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