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Her Ways of Life

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Writing Assignment #2


"Her Ways of Life" is a digital composite metal print designed by Kathleen Krueger in 2010. The artist is a 2D art major at Central Michigan University. With this work of art, Kathleen Krueger was awarded the "Juror's Award."

Elements of Art

The space is two dimensional which means it is on a flat surface and can only be seen on one side. The lines in the picture are rounded because it is a real life print. The shape is made up of organic shapes that are naturalistic. There are many different types of light in the photo, such as shadows. The print's color is in black and white. The print's texture is smooth. The transition from light to dark flows smoothly.

Principles of Design

The placement of the three people in the middle makes them seem more important. The main part is surrounded by other groups of people doing different activities. There is an asymmetrical balance in the print. The three girls in the middle are the main focal point with the backdrop of the stage directly behind them and other groups around them. The emphasis in the photo is good. There is a main focal point with the three girls on stage. The picture's unity is in the different people. All the different people depict one true meaning of the photo. The print's scale is relative to its normal surrounding. The average person is its normal size compared to the background. The depth of the picture helps to show not just the people but all of the scenery behind and around them.

Content and Context, and Meaning

The cultural context of the work is in showing how one person can do so many different things with their life at once while being a college student. There is symbolism in the telescope on the right and a person working at their desk. This shows her studious side. On the left side there is a group of girls hanging out and having a good time. On the bottom left there is a girl kissing a guy portraying her love life. In the middle there are three girls on stage performing showing her artistic side. In the bottom right corner there is a mother reading to her children portraying the importance of having family. The meaning of the photo is to represent the life of an artistic college student.


I was drawn to this picture because of the variety of things taking place at once. I was also drawn to it because the title seemed to represent the picture clearly and it had received the Juror's Award. I am more drawn to the photo from what I have learned. It is now easier to understand all the different aspects of art. The photo represents the "Power of Art" by representing the phrase, "A picture is worth a



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