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Your Way Case - Life

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life throws many things at you. learn to catch them, keep the good memories, and disgard the bad! sometimes things are thrown your way that you dont want to deal with. we can either let those things change who we are and define our life, or move past them and let them make us stronger. all of us are dealing with one thing or another. Wether its something big, or small. we all have our own problems, sucsesses and beleiifs. some we might share with others, and some we feel we're the only ones. Theres people in our lives who stay for a short while, and some who are in it for the long run.. regardless you met them , and im sure in one way or another they have impacted your life. something i try to live by is ' dont regret something that once made you smile.' i think its a really good quote because every important person that is or has been im your life has made you smile one in your time together. No matter what happens, there will always be the true few who have tyour back, and are holding your hand through the good and bad. We are all faced with challenges. may it be an essay that your finding IMPOSSIBLE to write, to finding out someone who is close to you is filled with cancer and has a very slight chance of living. you can get through it. life throws things like these at us not to hurt us, but only to make us stronger and prepare for whats coming next. no matter how bad it seems it'll get better. you have to climb the mountain before you can see the veiw.



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