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Herbal Cosmetics Store

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Essay Preview: Herbal Cosmetics Store

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                                                                       Roll No: 17356

                                                                  Division: C

Business Idea:

 Herbal cosmetics store (‘Pixiedust Soaps and shampoo’).

Best Suited Web 2.0 Technologies for my business Idea are as follows:

1.  Blogging

As a founder of Herbal Cosmetic store, I must have an independent blog running which will feature my products. The blog can highlight features of my products and attract customers. Blog followers can read my blog, then visit my website and spread the word to make my products famous.

2. Social Media

Professional and other social media platforms can be used for viral marketing of my products and website. Social media can be used as a launching pad for getting the word out about my company just as many brands are doing via linkedIn, facebook and instagram.

3. Mashup

My website content can be lent to reproduce, while offering articles directly from my site. This can be automated by using RSS web feed. This will get me a broader exposure by providing data for mashup developers to include in their applications and for commentators and journalists to have easy access to my data. We can invite developers to comment on my feeds, ask them how it should evolve.  Ex. I can advertise my data on various websites as collaborated with mashup developers.

4. Forums

Via forum for my products website, I can have clients and visitors talk to each other as well as me. Thus, Forum will connect me with my clients and visitors. Prompt responses to queries and appreciations will need to run a forum as a marketing tool.

5. E commerce

E- Commerce can be used to sell products with ease. Association can be formed with other parties to do the affiliate marketing of my products where Onclick event will redirect customers to my website to buy a product.


Comparing above all technologies, Mashup would prove to be best for  my start-up venture as It will give me benefit of marketing my products and website with other applications which will include social media networks, blogs etc.  My consumer base will be multiple times broader than what individual blog/ social media network/ forum can provide me.



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