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After Picking a Game in Installous I Pressed Download but After That the only Option Is Launch App Store What

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Essay Preview: After Picking a Game in Installous I Pressed Download but After That the only Option Is Launch App Store What

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The main conflict of the novel is between Valjean and Javert.Valjean was arrested for stealing loaf of bread. He earned release from prison after 18 years but with a yellow passport. This made people suspect him even though he is innocent. Javert sees the law as an answer for everything, and no exception should be made regardless of how small the crime. The situation became more difficult when Jean Valjean felt the he is accountable for the death of the mother of Cosette.That is the reason why he took care of Cosette.He is hiding from Javert for him not to be imprisoned. His reason for hiding from Javert is to protect Cosette and his fatherly relationship with her.

Javert suspected Msgr. Madeleine. His suspension ended when a man was accused of being Jean. Madeleine confessed his true identity. Javert shows up to arrest Valjean while Valjean is at Fantine's bedside, and Fantine(mother of Cosette) dies from the shock. Valjean escaped from prison and heads to Montfermeil, where he is able to buy Cosette from the Thénardiers. Marius Pontmercy is a young man who lives with his wealthy grandfather, M. Gillenormand. Marius moved out of Gillenormand's house when he learned more something about himself. Marius fell in love to Cosette.Marius returned to Cosette and find out that Cosette and Jean left. Heartbroken, Marius come to a decision to join his radical student friends, who have started a political uprising. Armed with two pistols, Marius heads for the barricades.The uprising seems doomed, but Marius and his fellow students nonetheless stand their ground and vow to fight for freedom and democracy. The students discover Javert among their ranks, and, realizing that he is a spy, Enjolras ties him up.Marius sent a letter to Cosette through Gavroche.Jean Valjean received the message and decided to save Marius.Jean saved them.Javert arrested him but Jean requested to help Marius first before he arrests him. Javert agrees. Javert feels beleaguered, torn between his duty to his profession and the debt he owes Valjean for saving his life. Ultimately, Javert lets Valjean go and throws himself into the river, where he drowns. Marius reconciled with Gillenormand, who permits to Marius and Cosette's marriage. Marius tries to prevent Cosette from having contact with Valjean. Marius finds out from Thénardier that Valjean saved Marius's life. Ashamed that he suspected Valjean, Marius tells Cosette everything that has happened. Marius and Cosette rush to Valjean's place to reconcile. Happy to be reunited with his adopted daughter, Valjean dies in peace.



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