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Hershey Sweet Mission

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There are many trends in this chapter that impact Hershey's the most, one of them is an aging workforce. The BLS has projected that from 2008 to 2018, the total U.S. civilian labor force will grow from 154 million to 167 million workers (Noel, 2011). The older generation wants to work, and many say they plan a working retirement. This economy has been troubling at times which forces the baby boomers to stay in the workforce past their retirement times. This trends impacts the baby boomer workers with the new millennial workers for companies.. The increasing use of computers to do routine task has shifted the kinds of skills needed for employees in the U.S. economy (Noel, 2011). Such qualities as physical strength and mastery of a particular piece of machinery are no longer important in many jobs (Noel, 2011). Hershey's has setup a mentoring program for their closer to retirement workers and their newer workers we described above as millennial workers, this strategy retains company information within the newer employees so the company basically does not lose a step. The trends listed above I believe will impact Hershey's the most.

As more and more of the workforce reaches retirement age, some companies have set up mentoring programs between older and younger workers so that knowledge is not lost but passed on (Noel, 2011). Mentoring could affect the Hershey's culture in a positive way, and through mentoring it will provide a transition of senior workers knowledge and understanding of company to their younger peers. I believe that through mentoring it helps tackle the value that Hershey's stand for, for instance their first value. Their first value reads "We are Open to Possibilities by embracing diversity, seeking new approaches and striving for continuous improvement" (Noel, 2011). This value is right along the terms in what Hershey is trying to integrate in their company, and with the mentoring in place they definitely on the right track.

Hershey's Company has been bringing sweet moments of Hershey's happiness to the world every day. Living out their mission has come down to more than just candy (Noel, 2011). In the paragraphs above I have explained to you the reader my redesign strategy, analyze and interpreted values as an employee, identified trends relating to Hershey's, and discussed the mentoring affect within the company. Hershey Company has made tremendous amount of improvements and stand to remain one of top Cocoa sellers in the world. With their values they have in place, mentoring of millennial workers, and providing a system to appeal to the diverse workforce is highly commendable. Companies I my opinion need to take a couple of chapters out of Hershey's book.



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