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History in Our Lives

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History is very important to our soceity so we dont fuck up and make the same mistakes. History is great. Even tho this world can end at anytime we can still make it better for the future. We use it to reflect on what we are gonna do next. These seem like terrible things in the past but we might as well have made these mistakes THEN so we dont make them all over again, tho i somewhat agree "history repeats itself" but maybe it doesnt have to. My global teacher has taught us things from religion to food culture to government. Everything happens for a reason. I'm not just stating my opinion these are facts. who would wanna live something twice or more ? Not me. The holocoust, the world wars, civil rights movement, elections,civil wars,the revolution in egypt,womans rights, have we REALLY learned from it ? it doesnt seem like we have but we dont have to be stuck in the past with all the bullshit. and what is all of this for anyway,huh ? land? power? respect? money?pride? there's no real reason for it. i guess that proves everyone is a little crazy for going through so much for nothing really important but i think it happens for a reason who would we be if this all didnt go on ? life would be pretty boring and simple. I guess its what makes it interesting so we can really live. Thats why we have what i call "escapes" in this world like drugs,alcohol,cigarettes,anything that can really harm you. so why i ask you ? Its a test. You've either aced it or failed it once your dead to be completely honest.



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