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Hitler Case

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Communication was a key skill used by Adolf Hitler in his rise to power and during his reign ruling the Third Reich. Hitler was able to rise through the ranks of power from starting as a soldier in the army in World War I. During his time in the Bavarian Regiment, Hitler always volunteered for the most dangerous missions, even after coming close to death many times. His regiment took huge casualties after their first engagement, leaving only five hundred of the three thousand soldiers unscathed. Hitler was of course one of the soldiers left unscathed. Also during the war, Hitler, unlike the other soldiers, did not complain about food or the other conditions of war. Hitler preferred to speak of art and history. He also painted landscapes in his free time. Hitler was known to be eager to prove himself to his superiors, because he was likable, able avoided injury, and brave. Hitler, however, was wounded in battle in 1916, and because of this wound, he spent some time in a military hospital. In this hospital, Hitler learned that many of the German population were against the war. He blamed the lack of care by the citizens towards the war on the Jews and the Bolshevists. Because of this, Hitler sometimes had laid in bed, then stood and shouted of the "invisible foes of the German people," referring to these groups. In 1918, Hitler asked to be restored to the front line. In 1919, Hitler was still part of the army and became an informant, reporting soldiers who had been in support of Marxist uprisings. This led to the executions of these soldiers. During his time as an undercover agent, who investigated and removed Marxist influence organizations within the ranks, Hitler impressed his superiors with his speeches. "In August 1919, Hitler was given the job of lecturing returning German prisoners of war on the dangers of Communism and pacifism, as well as democracy and disobedience. He also delivered tirades against the Jews that were well received by the weary soldiers who were looking for someone to blame for all their misfortunes



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