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Honesty Case

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It goes without saying that a good relationship is important to all of us, and there are several features that entails that. However, honesty is the most important characteristic in any relationship. I believe that honesty is the most important policy in every personal relationship. When I was a young man, even if it was a white lie; lying was a part of my character. If the person's feeling were involved I especially didn't believe that being honest all the time was necessary. In 2003 I took a new perspective on being honest in all aspects of my life, including personal relationships.

June 2003 I was 16 years of age; my life turned with a crazy twist. In 2003 I learned that my alleged father was not my biological father. Although he wasn't my father I carried his full name. My father was a Nigerian immigrant on the run from immigration.

My mother has always been a busy person her whole life. She was a single mother of two, and was a special education teacher. She has never been the parent that has time to spend time with family. On Friday, June 13, 2003, my mother acted strange. It was sunny outside; the forecaster said it would be a 50% chance of rain though. She took me out shopping and afterwards, we went to Subway for lunch. Normally, my mother would rather just pick a bite to eat and leave. That day she chose to stay and dine-in. She told that there was something very important that she needed to tell me. I suddenly stopped chewing my food and started listening. She told that the man that I knew to be my father for 16 year was not my biological father and that my real father was coming to visit me today. My heart sank to my stomach and before I knew I was crying excessively. I thought to myself "Who is this woman?" Better yet, "Who am

I?" My mother went on trying to plead her case, but I couldn't believe anything she was saying. I was so confused; she had been lying to me for my entire life.

So we left the Subway on the way it starts to pour rain and thunder. It was only 1:00 p.m., but the skies looked like midnight. The ride home was so quiet; I could almost hear myself thinking. We finally arrive home and finally, my real father arrives. I was sitting at my computer when he walked in the front door. My mother asked me to turn and greet him, but my resentment wouldn't allow me initially. Eventually, I turned and looked at him; there stood this man about 5'9 in height and 175 lbs in weight. He had a full beard and a low buzz cut. It was if I was looking at the future me. He told me his name and that he was my father. I stared at him with acrimony as he explained to me why I was just finding out he was my real biological father.

Months pasted and my father and I tried several time to form a relationship. We never managed to accomplish this, because I could never trust him. Our relationship is very distant. We seldom call,



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