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How Childhood Experiences Would Effect the Development of Their Mental Health

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Essay Preview: How Childhood Experiences Would Effect the Development of Their Mental Health

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Annotated Bibliography

Ethics: How Childhood Experiences Would Effect the Development of Their Mental Health

By Jonathan Tan Park Lun (28252934)

        The following annotated bibliography will be based on the how ones childhood hood experience would affect their mental health negatively. This would be based on what they have faced while growing up as a child that has left a scar or a memory in their head. Some children may face trauma and that could have led to a certain psychological disorder. In this current society, some unlucky children may have faced childhood abuses while growing up. As for me, I have been repeatedly reminded by my parents, specifically my mother to be cautious of what I do and who I hang around with. As a child I have been bullied several times and luckily for me and with the help of my parents I managed to pull through and stood up for myself. Unlike some unlucky children, they may have faced difficulty while growing up and is currently facing a mental disorder or facing difficulty when it comes to social society.

Álvarez, M. J. (2011). Prevalence and Clinical Impact of Childhood Trauma in Patients with        Severe Mental Disorders. The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 199 (3), pp 156-        161. doi:10.1097/NMD.0b013e31820c751c

The following journal article, María-José Álvarez of the Mental Health Department of Vic Hospital Consortium in Spain has conducted a study regarding childhood abuse and the mental effects of it, psychologically.  She has conducted a cross sectional study among patients with a psychological disorder such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar and so on. After the study was over, they have accumulated data that stated that 47.5% which is almost half of them have faced some form of abuse as a child which has led to a psychological or mental disorder. It is stated that people with childhood sexual abuse in particular are more likely to attempt suicide, especially bipolar and schizophrenic patients. In terms of clinical implications, having the cross sectional study in which will accumulate more information will help in the increase of clinical evolution.

        This article has accumulated useful information in association with people with traumatic childhood experiences and psychological disorder. The study has also provided informative statistics and facts regarding the data collected from patients with mental illnesses.

Rytilä-Manninen, M., Lindberg, N., Haravuori, H., Kettunen, K., Marttunen, M., … Fröjd, S.        (2014). Adverse childhood experiences as risk factors for serious mental disorders and        inpatient hospitalization among adolescents. Child Abuse & Neglect, 38 (12), pp 2021-        2032. doi:10.1016/j.chiabu.2014.10.008

        This article by Minna Rytilä-Manninen, Nina Lindberg, Henna Haravuori, Kirsi Kettunen,  Mauri Marttunen, Matti Joukamaa, Sari Fröjd studies  that there are multiple social events and family problems that may have caused ones psychological and mental disorder such as bullying, victimization and parental inability to support a child’s satisfaction is one of the factors of a psychological problem. There are approximately 80% of inpatient groups have stated that they have faced at least one negative childhood experience. In comparison among the two groups, primarily parental divorce is the most frequent ACE (adverse childhood experience). Among all inpatient groups, about 20% of them have experienced 4 of 5 different kinds of ACE incidences. The study shows that girls are more likely to receive more social support from friends and peers than boys in the years of childhood and adolescence. Children and youths are advised to seek professional psychological support and therapy before the problem worsens. The study was useful as it was the comparison of both genders male and female and as well different age groups which has escalated the studies validity.

        This article provides the importance of family and positive social activity among peers. It also proves that sexual abuse and poor relationship among peers and family is a prime cause of this psychological disability.

Lafleur, D.L., Petty, C., Mancuso, E., McCarthy, K., Biederman, J., Faro, A., … Geller, D.A.        (2010). Traumatic events and obsessive compulsive disorder in children and adolescents:        Is there a link? Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 25 (4), pp 513–519.        doi:10.1016/j.janxdis.2010.12.005



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