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How Did I Overcome My Greatest Fear

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Essay Preview: How Did I Overcome My Greatest Fear

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Personal reflections

Helen 2018201503

    It is hard to cover every aspect of a person in a two-minute speech, so I choose to focus on my personal growth, trying to explain how did I overcome my greatest fear.

    By describing what I was like as a child to introduce my topic, my introduction is not boring, but next time I will try to engage more interaction in my speech to gain greater attention.

    As for the body, the structure needed to be rearranged, to focus more on the process of how I overcame the fear, and try to add specific personal experience to make it more vivid and convincing.

    My conclusion echoes the beginning to reinforce my major theme and summarize the whole speech, I’d like to repeat it next time.

    After watching the video, I find that when I was delivering the speech, my tune was kind of flat and low on emotion, I will pay more attention to it when I practice for  the following speech.

    My pronunciation is great, and the fluency is beyond my expectation. I used to make a lot of vocalized pauses during a public speech, but this time I step forward. However, compared to making an extemporaneous speech, mine was more like reciting from memory. I will rehearsal my speech more carefully, trying to have natural conversations with the audience.

    I use mostly simple words and expressions in my speech, which seems colloquial and informal. The next time, I will spend more time polishing and enriching my speech.

    Besides, I also noticed that I’m too nervous to control my gestures. I frequently switched the notes from my left hand to right hand, looked down to see my notes when I don’t really need to. I forced myself to look up sometime, trying to make eye contact with the audience, but it looks unnatural and my eyes just focused on several individuals, not the whole classroom.

    My speed is a little fast, although I was able to control it in 2 minutes, I think I should make conscious efforts to control the speaking rate it to create and express the mood of my story.



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