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How Does Internet Affect Youngsters

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Essay Preview: How Does Internet Affect Youngsters

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How does internet affect to the youngster?

        One may ask, why is it important to us to use internet in our daily life. As we know, during the back days, our ancestors or even our parents could live without the existence of the internet. But, if we look into our children these days, a lot of them could not stay away from their gadgets. Thus, I am providing, what are the pros and cons having internet in our lives.

        First and foremost, the benefit is, to provide facility to search information beyond one’s knowledge. As we know, our artificial intelligence which refer to computers make it easier for us to access internet. The internet provides a lot of information from all around the world. For example, eventhough we are not on the certain places physically, but still we able to know the weather condition in each specific place. This ease us in continuing our daily life and avoid problems.

        Secondly, it provide good communication with each others. For example, communication between family members and friends from a far can be done. It helps to minimizes cost in order to communicate with them physically around the world. As instance, Skype provide opportunity for us to see someone we contacted. As for that, we can shorten the time and the cost to see each other. That is why, internet should not be banned in every countries. Everyone should appreciate the internet existence and use it for good faith. Thank you for reading.



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