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Internet Marketing

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Essay Preview: Internet Marketing

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Long ago, people buying their product using a traditional method that is they buy their stuff directly to the store. Seem nowadays people are all busy and their free time is limited, a business had started to create an idea by promoting their product in the internet where all people could easily purchase their stuff or things. They had came out with this idea when they had realize that the existence of internet had become the information superhighway for the people on nowadays, and thus they had generate an idea by promoting their product in the internet.

An online advertising is one of the medium form of advertising promotion that can be used in order for a business. Online advertising used the internet and World Wide Web for the expressed purpose of delivering marketing messages to attract people to buy their product. Examples of online advertising include contextual ads on search engines result pages and banner advertisement.

There are a lot of benefit from using the internet as the medium in promoting and adverting a product of a businesses. Many businesses especially a new business that are just being establish had now prefer to used the internet as a medium in promote their product because of a several reason. The advantages include:

1. Keep your business open all the time

The first advantages for a businesses when using an online promotion is it will keep the business open all the time. In a simple word, a business could be operate 24 hours every day. When a business decide to offer through online promotion, it is like a store or an office whose doors are never closed. People can come in and review our products and services at their convenience. In between if they want to do business with you and if your website is automated enough they can do even that. This way you can run your business non-stop without having to put in the extra hours. This is because when the business have made their own website and publish it at the internet, people will keep on open the internet. By that, there will be no limit of time for the business to operate. The advantages that MPH will get when they making an online promotion is they could operate their business 24 hours at which the benefit from it is they could get generate more income.

1. Easier and cheaper advertising

Publishing on your website doesn't cost you extra unless you are paying for every new page you create. It's an opportunity for a business if they making an online promotion because they could save a lot of money in promoting their product. They could cut cost in hiring an employee, no need to renting an office space, no need to pay for insurance, no need to find place and store and also save cost for renting office space. Once a business



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