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How to Make Pigs Fly

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This wonderful book is a very short simple childrens book. It begins telling all about funny saying like "when pigs fly". It gives cute funny examples of how these sayings are used. A small pig named Fay tells the story of how "when pigs fly" became a saying. The book is fun and full of imagination which is great for kids of all ages. Fay begins the story on the farm of the garrisons. Fay is unique because she can talk so she believes she may also be able to fly. She thinks this because she heard the saying when pigs fly. After trying and trying and trying she realizes what exaggerated sayings are. Then she goes around saying them all the time helping her human friend Sally understand exaggerated sayings too. With their comical adventures, the story keeps your attention the whole time wondering what the two might get into next.

Their first adventure is in the woods. They come across a fox that is sly and tried to eat Fay. They decide the saying sly as a fox is not an exaggerated saying. Their second adventure is to the beach where everything is warm and perfect. They now understand the saying a day to the beach. The third adventure they go on is to Africa where they find that being as fast as a cheetah is not exagerated.

The author is unknown. But who ever is it I do give them credit for making a wonderful childrens book series. Not only is it imaginary but it also packs in some facts for children to remember later on in schooling and life also.



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