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How to Make Your Company Machine Learning Ready

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Essay Preview: How to Make Your Company Machine Learning Ready

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How to Make Your Company Machine Learning Ready

By AI and machine learning, we mean machines have an ability to fulfill the objectives, but they need data and reasoning. This tremendous point is changing every industry. For example, in services, forecasting demand is getting more precise and more individualized. In retail, we will have more complex supply chain which can offer hyper-individualized purchases experiences. In manufacturing, the data are getting more relevant and can be analyzed by the more optimized algorithms instantly. Even in agriculture, machine learning can be helpful to select the optimized amount and location of crops to grow.  

Having in mind all these huge potentials, it is important to managers to know how to incorporate these practices for decision making and planning. There are various steps that they must follow. First, they must specify the procedures that are frequent and consistent as long as necessary data.  Second, they must focus on a well-defined simple issue that the available data is proper for decision-making process. Third, managers must use machine learning complex, nonlinear patterns where a standard business logic does not solve the problem and not for every simple problem. Fourth, they must support complicated process with offering a decision support system. If the problem is stated in a vague way, it is recommended to create intermediate results.

Artificial Intelligence can not change a poor business performance to a strong one. However, the greatest business achievements will probably root in getting the right information to the right people at the right time. In this way, most of the work place will continue to have their jobs with out fear of stealing the jobs by AI and can work more efficient by focusing on more demanding tasks.  



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