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Acme Manufacturing Company Case & United Machine Workers

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Essay Preview: Acme Manufacturing Company Case & United Machine Workers

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The legal aspect of every contract in business requires critical analysis for every term in accordance to the specifics upon which both parties are involved. The reason for analyzing such terms carefully is because it can become a crucial part in determining the decision making when addressing any business problem. This is generally more important from the perspective of the company management because some situations can result in high intensity and significance for the company. Analyzing the terms of a contract will help avoid any inappropriate or insufficient conclusions when presenting a final resolution in times of a dispute.

The case to be evaluated in this assignment is the result from an opposing perception of an issue in which both party's are involved. The grievance is the result from the opposing views on a subordination matter; that of the management's perspective and that of the employee. The case to be evaluated can very easily occur in an actual situation and I would like to write this analysis from the management's perspective.The problem involves the contradicting views of a legal issue within the union contract reached between our firm, the Acme Manufacturing Company (the company) and the United Machine Workers Union (the union). The parties in question in the dispute are Mrs. Kyla Martin, a machine operator working in the company and her immediate supervisor Mr. Joe Jackson. Mrs. Martin and other production workers at the company are represented by the union based on the pre-determined labor agreement between the union and the company. The labor agreement officially establishes particular provisions that generally describe the conduct of employees, their grievance basis, the grounds for sanctions and punishment, as well as other significant aspects within the employer - employee relationship.



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