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How to Prevent Sporting Injuries

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Essay Preview: How to Prevent Sporting Injuries

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Attention Getter: How would you feel if one day you go out to play sports with your friends and you get hurt with a injury that could’ve been prevented?

Specific Purpose: To inform my listeners how they can prevent sporting injuries by following simple steps.

Overview: According to a study conducted by Safe Kids USA In the United States alone, over 30 million kids and teens participate in sports annually. Of the 30 million participants, approximately 3.5 million individuals suffer from some form of injury from the sport in which they participate every year. In addition, it is estimated that approximately 50% of those injuries were preventable, had the individual taken the proper precautions; either prior to a workout, practice, or actual game.

Thesis Statement: There are simple steps to prevent sporting injuries.

Transition: Lets talk about the first step to prevent sporting injuries.

The first step is to add the equipment as injuries become a bit more obvious and notice the field or surfaces where the sport is taking place.

If playing a sport like football you will need a helmet, shoulder, thigh and leg pads

Observe the playing surface and avoid potholes, crates, rocks near field or any other objects that might be harmful.

Transition: That brings us to step number two.

The second step is to know and abide by the rules of the sport

For instance, clipping, chop blocking and a slap to the helmet are illegal in order to minimize the number of injuries associated with participating in the sport of football

The better the understanding of how a specific sport is played and the more knowledgeable an individual is of the rules of the game, the less likely they will be to break the rules and endanger themselves and others.

Know them. Follow them.

Transition: Now inform yourself about the most important part to avoid an injury, this leads us to step number three.

The intent of warming up prior to playing is to flood the muscles, ligaments,

Tendons, and flexible joints with blood and oxygen.

A. Warms up the muscles by increasing the movement of blood

through the muscle tissue, thus making the muscles more supple and flexible

B. Prepares the muscles for stretching

Prepares the heart for an increase in activity

The intent



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