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Sport Injury

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Essay Preview: Sport Injury

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When I was eighteen years old I played basketball in the women's team of my village.

Once, in an exciting game I was running very fast towards the basket because my teammate had recovered the ball. She tried to pass to me the ball but like I was far, she passed me the ball very hard, then, when I saw it in my direction I tried to catch it up but I could not. The ball hit my hand and I had a dislocated right shoulder. Luckily, a spectator knew my injury and he helped me to put my shoulder correctly.

I had to leave the game and go to the hospital, but the rest of the team continued playing. When I arrived to the hospital, the doctor treated me and examined very well. He made me a lot of test so when I left the doctor's office there all the team was waiting for me. They were worried about me and they wanted to tell me that we had won the game.

I was a few weeks resting my shoulder and then the doctor said me that he had to operate it. So I had to leave the team during 3 years.



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