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How to Promote Unity and Tolerance Among Malaysians

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Essay Preview: How to Promote Unity and Tolerance Among Malaysians

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Malaysians live in the multi-racial country which consists of three major races such as Malay, Chinese, and India. '1 Malaysia' campaign is launched by our Sixth Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak to create a sense of national unity among country's multi-racial and multi-religious committees. This campaign involves all Malaysians to consider ethnic harmony and national unity as the essential aspects to be achieved. Here are some ways to promote unity and tolerance among Malaysians.

In order to make '1 Malaysia' campaign success, we must promote unity and tolerance among Malaysians by joining various cultural events. These events should be held to give us consciousness on how important of unity and tolerance in everyday life. For instance, some of the events that have been conducted are 'Colours of Malaysia' and 'Penang International Food Festival 2009'. From both events, we will know more about various types of cultures and foods in Malaysia.

Besides that, the government also can manage the competitions to promote unity and tolerance among Malaysians. All ages, races, and religious level are encouraged to join the competitions. There are a lot of competitions that had been carried out such as treasure hunt in Sabah, Langkawi Ironman Triathlon and Malaysia Water Festival Launch. These competitions need Malaysians to have the '1 Malaysia's' spirit in their soul.

Last but not least, recreational activities are the way to promote unity and tolerance among Malaysian. The facilities must be prepared by our government to make Malaysians get involves in these activities. People can performs some activities such as football, basketball, hockey, and even tennis with their family and neighbors. At the same time, they will know each other well.

In conclusion, '1 Malaysia' campaign must be encouraged among Malaysians to ensure all races lives in peace and happy. It only happens when there are cooperation and tolerance among Malaysians. We should realize and proud, being a Malaysian living peacefully and harmoniously in this multi-racial country.



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