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How to Study English

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The 17th Amendment of the Korean constitution states, "Every man is given the right to privacy and freedom which are not to be infringed upon." The ultimate law in any country is the constitution and no exceptions exist in its implementation. In line with this, the CCTVs in schools should be eliminated in respect for students' privacy.

The first reason is that CCTVs do not do any good to reduce crime. An MBC news report aired last August 27, 2013 disclosed a shocking statistic. The stat showed that neither the crime prevention rate nor the criminal apprehension rate has increased with the presence of CCTVs, but unfortunately in some places they both have decreased even. This is similar to the rates of school bullying, theft, and other crimes among students. If CCTVs cannot even fulfill their basic mission, their existence is hardly required. Because of CCTVs' low contribution in crime solving, the privacy of students should be weighed more than them.

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. The term "closed" itself connotes a yawning gap between the haves and the have nots. Peter Weir's 1998 movie, "The Truman Show" is about the an ordinary salary man who is the main character in a 24 - hour reality show of the same name based on his life. The interesting point here is that the protagonist himself does not know that his everyday life is being filmed and broadcasted around the world. Near the movie's climax the main character slowly notices a strange repetition in his life pattern. This SF movie is not far away from the world we are living in. As the number of CCTVs is dramatically increasing, the surveillance of people around the country can be very extreme and be basically like a "Truman Show".

Last but not least, privacy is one of the glorious presents humanity has ever received. The French and US revolutions are one of the great fights between the people and the powers that be. The people of these countries gained many rights in their fight, but the greatest is the to privacy. Before, people could not even imagine the concept of privacy. But now , in modern society, we are even infringing upon it. This does not make sense.

With dramatic development in many fields of society, a solution to one problem has ironically brought up problems in other areas. Contradiction humanity will eternally experience until the downfall of humanity. However, if we analyze precisely the conflict, we will realize that there is always a concept which weighs the other. In this case, it is privacy.



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