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Hr Management Chapter 10

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Essay Preview: Hr Management Chapter 10

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HR Management

By Mondy

Chapter 9

Incident 2


David's position on the matter is right in that the job not the employee should be evaluated. David should remind everyone that they are not doing performance appraisals. They are evaluating job worth in an administrative rather than an economic sense and in the ranking system they evaluate they description of the job and arrange it in order according to their value in the company. Although Marianne does possess outstanding skills and performs outstandingly, her job worth only so much to the company regardless of how well it is performed or how qualified the employee is at performing it.


I think there is a maximum rate of pay for every job in an organization regardless of how well it is being performed. After a value has been determined, the job can be priced accordingly. When this is done correctly the has provided internal equity in their pay program and workers should think the program is fair. Internal equity is giving way to external equity in some firms so they must attract and retain certain employees with the critically needed skills.


In her current job as it exists, Marianne can obtain a salary increase only when across-the-board pay increases are granted to everyone. Since she performs outstandingly, she could possibly be promoted to a higher paying job. There could also be the possibility that her current job may be redesigned so that she has more duties to perform. If this where to happen, a new job evaluation should be done as it might well place the new job in a higher pay grade. This would allow Marianne to earn more money.



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