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Hrm Week 2 Dq - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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Essay Preview: Hrm Week 2 Dq - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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Read Incident 2.2 on p. 40 of Human Resource Management. Based on what you learned about the legal environment, how should the organization have handled Jane's situation? What advice would you give to Jane? What laws do you think were violated? How would the government support Jane?

In this situation, Jane proved herself to S&J management on several occasions, which resulted in her being promoted to a higher positions twice while working with the company. When Jane approached Ralph with her concerns he should have taken them more seriously. S&J should have referred back to the Equal Pay Act of 1963 that prohibited organization to discriminated salary between men and women that are doing the same job. They should have given Jane a pay raise that is equal or greater than the pay of Bob. Although S&J was wrong for paying Bob more than Jane, this would have made her happy and keep the company out of court. I would advise Jane to inform the company that she is planning to file a lawsuit under the grounds of Equal Pay Act and Sexual Discrimination. This would show S&J that Jane is serious about the situation and they should do everything to fix the problem. I would also tell Jane to search for another job that would pay her what she is worth. I am sure if this case was taken to court the courts would rule in the favor of Jane on the ground of Equal Pay and Sexual Discrimination.


What role do federal enforcement agencies have in the workplace? Provide examples of how these agencies have affected your current or previous workplace.

The role of federal enforcement agencies is to police the state government to ensure that both fairness and safety are enforced in the work place. There are several federal agencies that in place such as Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The mission of OSHA is to enforce safe working practice in the workplace; in industrial type occupation it is a requirement that all employees are equipped with adequate personal protective equipment, i.e. safety glasses, steel toe shoes, hearing protection etc. these rule can also work to the benefit of the employer also because in the event that an employee is negligent and refuses to follow to rule, then the employer can't be held liable for the employee's negligence. The EEOC ensure that state law does not violate the civil rights legislation of 1964 that is in place prevent discrimination in the work place. Being a federal employee myself in the US Military I can't say that I have been directly affected or have ever encountered anyone in my time in the military that has used any of these organizations. As part of the US Military the laws of these



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