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Week 1 Dqs Ntc360 Netwoking and Telecommunications

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Essay Preview: Week 1 Dqs Ntc360 Netwoking and Telecommunications

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Week 1 DQs

DQ 1

1. Based on the article by Elmeleegy et al. (2007), why have some researchers recommended redesigning the Ethernet networking technology from the ground up? Why do the authors propose a new solution?

The Ethernet as it stands has conflicts or issues with congestion and multiple loops. With the EtherFuse device it can speed up the reconfiguration of the spanning tree protocol and prevent these issues of packet duplication. With this duplication of packets it can cause chaos in the network. The article also says that forwarding tables that are normally automatically learned may have a forwarding loop that causes the packet to transmit to another port and then again to completely form another bridge creating a loop of packets being transmitted through other ports and some of those ports can be blocking the port which causes another problem.

The EtherFuse can improve the Ethernets reliability. It can also distinguish the looping and disconnect a link that is part of the loop. It has the ability to detect BPDU's because it has built in detectors. Since this method of reviving these methods of packet sending or receiving is a time saver as well as saving the tech the errors it is a great addition to the process. The Ethernet is the base of the three protocols and within this there are problems and having a new solution to redesign the networking technology without losing the basic drawing plan and having something additional as the EtherFuse it can benefit the networks in many areas.

2. What are some considerations an organization should look at when moving from a traditional phone system to VoIP? Explain the impact on an organization when using VoIP.

I didn't really see the connection between the dq question and the article but for the dq question I looked up some things that fit better for the answer.

There is a greater customization for VoIP than with traditional phones, the cost can be lowered when using with a wan and by eliminating the need for all the other phone lines. It has the features that regular phone systems have including conference, switchboard and voicemail and something called twinning. User logins and cell phone connection features are also available. Some of the negatives are that it has a higher initial cost, battery backups are a necessity incase of outages and for most the quality. The infrastructure must be able to handle the voip traffic and at least providing QoS to VOIP traffic, if not then the clarity can be a problem.



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