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Human Behaviour Study

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To study human behaviour and maximum utilisation of human resources available with a firm study of motion and all is carried out and it can be inferred from such studies that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and persons who exercise regularly can grasp things more easily and are more confident than those who don't. Hence many firms based on the inferences of these studies have taken up a slogan "Physical Fitness is Fiscal Fitness".

In regard to the points mentioned above many firms specially those having headquarters in rural suburban areas are spending huge amount of money to create recreational so that their employees have means to rejuvenate and reenergise themselves from their monotonous work and that in turn will increase their efficiency and overall productivity of the group and profits for firms. These facilities helps in decreasing the medical expenses incurred by firms on their employees as a fit employee will likely to have less medical expenses. Many firms are also incurring huge losses due to absenteeism of their employees. A research shows that American Incorporates lose $ 300 billion1 because of absenteeism. Providing recreational facilities helps in dealing with this problem as more healthy and satisfied employees will miss less number of workdays. These facilities also facilitates the collaborative communication among employees and improves the overall work culture. Also such facilities seem to be an edge for attracting potential employees. Analysis regarding the monetary outcome from this kind of recreational facilities has shown five to six dollars return per one dollar 2 expenditure. These researches inculcate a belief in firms that motivation for physical fitness not only improve physical ability of employee but also help in fiscal growth.

However some time due to improper plans on how to make the best use of such facilities they turn out to be a costly affair for some firms as they cost more in comparison to what they give in turn and very few employees use them. Also lot of space goes unused and such facilities become non revenue generating assets.



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