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Miss Kelly - Human Resources Manager Case Study

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2.3 Current Understanding

By interviewing with Miss Kelly, there are some leadership style had shown by her. The leadership styles are effective to her work environment as without the leadership styles; it might become a great problem in the hotel. For example, the workers will not corporate and also not follow the instructions which had be given. Therefore, as a manager of the hotel, the leadership styles are very important.

        In the democratic leadership, Miss Kelly mentioned that the reason she used democratic leadership in the management is democratic leadership can let the worker to make a decision and also have chance to speak out. In this situation, I understand that Miss Kelly wants to have a close relationship between the workers. This is because, when the workers not fear with Miss Kelly, they will speak out their opinion and lastly they will also participate for the decision making. During interview session, I can see that Miss Kelly is a humble, humorous, passionate and responsibility person. But she told us that, although sometimes she can make a joke with the workers but she also has her own principle when she worked.

        In addition, as a human resources manager, Miss Kelly also applied transformational leadership in the management of hotel Klagan Regency. For example, Miss Kelly will set more challenge to the workers so they can have a high standard to do the job. This is because, Miss Kelly said that every people are lazy but if there is a challenge, the workers will have motivations to do it. Lastly, this will appeared the high mentality and physically among the workers. In this situation, I could understand that the ways that Miss Kelly motivates others to do a properly job. Not only that, she also mentioned that sometimes she will held a happy hour party after working hour or celebration birthday party among the workers. This is because; these entertainments will help the workers to release stress.

        Furthermore, coaching leadership also one of the leadership styles that used by Miss Kelly in hotel Klagan Regency. Miss Kelly has provided training for the workers no matter they are newcomer or the permanent workers. This is because; Miss Kelly said knowledge is endless. As the saying goes, “life and learn”. Therefore, she hopes that, the workers not only have the knowledge and also have the skill which will help them in the future. Moreover, Miss Kelly said that she also is the counsellor in the hotel. When the workers faced problem, they will search help from Miss Kelly. This situation shows that, Miss Kelly not only is the manager and also become friends with them.

Last but not least, I learned a lot from Miss Kelly as she not only told us about the leadership styles that she applied. She also told us about the attitude and the real situation that would be happened in the hotel. With having interview session with Miss Kelly, I felt that it had changed the concept of life and also the principles and goals towards our future.



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