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Human Reproductive System

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"Go to the world and multiply", that was what the Lord had behest even before you and I came to know this planet called "EARTH" --- the only place capable of nurturing the living. But this command would have never been fulfilled if this significant system in our body known as the Human Reproductive System has not existed. It is the only system composed of various functioning organs responsible for giving rise of offspring. And how is it possible? Through GOD's unfathomable intelligence and wisdom, there are miraculous processes that happens from the copulation down to conception and finally, to the birth of a child of a new generation.

I can still vividly remember those times on my childhood years, looking at my reflection in the mirror and asking myself how I came to exist, how life came to exist, how human beings multiply and what processes to undergo in the formation of life. Yes, as a child, I have lots of curious thoughts about the creation of life and how's everything turned out to be like this and like that. I even tend to ask my parents about these things. Yes, they were able to answer my childish questions but still everything was vague and unclear because of my young mind. Until I came to school, I was introduced by this system during my elementary years and later on, get to know it better when I enter high school. By that, I started to understand the answers of my parents and now, through the help of the multi-media, visual presentations, and with the in-depth discussions we had, everything was made clear to me. Thus, I realized how amazing God and his creations really are. Every detail has its own function, even the minutest organ which is present can greatly affect the whole organ system by its absence. You see, that is how important each organ's functions are. And if you try to look closer at its function, one thing you can conclude, everything is complicated. But no matter how as complicated as it may seem, everything was made possible through God who planned and made it all.

As human beings, knowing well about this precious gift of reproduction given to us by God, we must always consider it being sacred and those who have the right to use this gift are the couples who are sanctified by marriage only, which would mean that the young people especially the teenagers should not use this gift until they got married. We must always keep in mind that using this gift comes with a great responsibility --- a lifetime responsibility that would definitely affect generations from generations. That is the reason why we must be responsible enough in our every action because one wrong move may lead to destruction of life and defeat the purpose of nurturing it, instead.

God's creation of the Human Reproductive System, indeed, plays a vital role in the reproduction. Although the male and the female reproductive systems are different but once they meet and come together, they work together



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