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The Nervous System of Human Body

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Essay Preview: The Nervous System of Human Body

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Th nervous system is coordinate networking stystem that are combine with various of body cells and tissues that's help the body parts to perform in daily life activities. The right signal send message to different body parts and then released the signal in form of chemicals then travel boold from one body parts to the next. The nervous system act like an networking medium or channel that processing the body activity and help the internal organs body to work as a team.

The nervous system can be didvided into two parts in the human body , these are called the central system and peripheral system. The central system consists the brain and spinal cord and act as an deciding and allocation units. the braind send signal to partical organ with the help of the spina cord and the peripheral system constituents thats carry signal to complete the activity.

The nervous system receives signal from external environment aftre processing with help of the brain this commands other body parts to perform disired activity. Senses of the touch, smell, hearing, taste and sight help the nervous system to asses situation and passed signal to other body organs in the body. This acts accordingly to the brain incapable sensing to the spinal cord injury. The nervous system of the body become affected and depend upon serverity injury to the brain or the spinal cord, these are senses of a man that are affected.

The sensitivity of human body can become the activity of the nervous system. Th brain is the center of the nervous stystem and its spinal cord is about 18- inch bundles of nerves, thats carries messages and return them to them computer.



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